One-On-One Consultation Packages

 5 Visit Consultation Package:


We will dive into your daily patterns and discuss how  to optimize your energy and bodily processes while reducing stressors & symptoms. 5 visits is just enough to skim the surface - we will not go into significant detail about pathology or herbal integration. 

7 Visit Consultation Package:


You will receive education on Ayurvedic Foundations while addressing any stressors & symptoms. We will use the first few visits to educate on Ayurveda basics and formulate a unique program per your constitution. The following visits will allow us to delve into dietary specifics & pathology to support optimum physiological and emotional functioning. You will begin to see /feel changes by then end of your 7 sessions. 

9 Visit Consultation Package:


After regulating your bodies functions and addressing physical & emotional stressors, we will begin to mitigate past & present symptoms through herbal integration. This will take discipline and self-care interest. You will be able to address long-term symptoms and integrate preventative care for genetic pre-dispositions. If you have been suffering from a systemic physical and/or emotional stressors, this package is your best bet to relief.  

Ayurveda is helpful in managing many lifestyle conditions, ranging from mild symptoms to established diseases. Ayurveda advocates for lifestyle modifications to support the bodies' eleven systems, and therefore allows the body to optimize the healing process. 


Consultations Include the following considerations:

  • Health History

  • Mental/Personality characteristics

  • Examination of digestion

  • Anatomical assessment

  • Seasonal + climatic considerations

  • Age, psychological and physical strength

  • Lifestyle patterns and habits (smoking, sleep, eating, etc)

  • Pulse and tongue analysis.

During these consultations, I will work with you to address symptomatic concerns - but more importantly, we will work together to address the root cause of any disease in the body. 

Depending on the package, these consultations can include various resources, such as:

  • Specialized yoga practice

  • Private yoga session

  • Specialized recipes per doshic examination

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, complete with resources

  • References and resources to products

  • Journal to prompt digestive inquiry + personal refection

  • Yoga Nidra and Meditation resources per your preference

  • Introduction to Sensory Therapies: how to apply essential oils, herbal introduction, reflexology, etc.

  • Personalized herbal formulas per doshic examination