Marina’s new approach on age-old medicine is so innovative that it changed my entire body and the relationship I have with it. She has a way of stopping imbalances and intolerances at the root, instead of just treating symptoms. Her goal is to build people up by working with their strengths to help create the best version of themselves possible. Thanks to Marina I have gained confidence, overcome intolerances and learned how to eat for my body.
— Sarah
There couldn’t be a better way to improve one’s nutrition, health, and well-being than to delight in the spirited and insightful care of Ayurveda practitioner Marina Zharan. I have been working with Marina for 9 months now and her guidance has led to steady improvements in my energy level, digestion, skin and hair quality and peace with myself. Marina works gently and joyfully from a place of wisdom and strength. She designs personalized programs of achievable goals that promote genuinely transformative experiences. A gem for whom I am enormously grateful!
— Layra
Marina is guiding light in beginning your Ayurveda practice. She is enlightening, warm and brings unparalleled amounts of passion into every single session. I’m so thankful for taking a leap and trying a new approach to my health journey.

Over the course of my visits, Marina was able to teach me subtle practices that largely impacted my overall wellbeing. I specifically noticed a significant change in the way I approached self-care. Marina taught me how to be gentler with my self and my expectations, that healing takes time, and the path isn’t always perfect.
— kate

For anyone interested in herbal & natural ways to shorten the length & severity of your colds...Marina Zahran is the REAL DEAL!!! I have completed 8 one-on-one in-depth sessions with her learning how to care for my body and mind through Ayurveda practice. Just two weeks ago I came down with a scratchy throat, sneezing, etc. I have an incredibly weak immune system so a simple cold for one person results in an all out assault for me AND ends in laryngitis. ALWAYS. For the first time in almost 4 years, my cold stayed at a 3 on the 10 scale with only mild laryngitis (only 1 day of vocal weakening).

The difference? Marina’s guidance, emails, texts, and recommendations. She coached me through herbal remedies, dosages, and tea choices. So, if you are paranoid of getting sick (like me!) or just want an extra arsenal of treatments for illness, Marina is your gurl!
— Amber

There are no words to describe my gratitude for this woman! To say that my journey with Marina has been life altering would be an understatement.

In our busy Western world, medicine has become more and more localized. Rather than treating the individual as a whole, we treat one specific problem/symptom. Marina was able to break down (in a way that made total sense, might I add…lol) the intricate systems that make up the human body, and solidify that the digestive system is the key to mindful living! Throughout my 7 session journey,

Marina gently guided me through daily Ayurvedic practices that fit both my dosha and my lifestyle! She held space for me in a way that no one has before: she listens intently, shares openly, and loves endlessly!

Because of this beautiful human, I am better equipped to honor my body: and in turn, care for the ones I love the most…….and for that, I will be forever grateful!
— Betsy

I had done a bit of research on Ayurveda in the past, but never successfully implemented any Ayurvedic practices into my lifestyle because I never understood WHY they worked nor did I have anyone to hold me accountable (as someone with primarily Vata energy, I’m scattered and inconsistent). Marina really spoke to the curious cat in me that needs to understand WHY/HOW something works in order to fully believe it and adopt it into my life.

She’s also incredibly energized, passionate, encouraging and dedicated to helping you make long term lifestyle shifts in a way that is encouraging and not overwhelming. Literally cannot say enough good things about Marina and her insatiable thirst to learn more and better herself so that she can better serve people. She is such a delightful person to have on your team in this life, and I understand myself so much better having worked with her, not to mention that now I have amazing Ayurvedic tips to share with people I love!
— Christen