7/29 Farewell & New Beginnings: Last Yoga On High Class


Photograph of the magical Maria Eduarda by Sarah McCully

This was a truly special day celebrated with friends, mentors, and community members. Today was the last official class at Yoga On High (High St. location). This studio has been the flagship location for almost 20 years. This place and community are unlike any other I’ve experienced… empowering students far beyond the realm of physical yoga asana, pushing boundaries, shattering stereotypes, and taking yoga off the mat (ex. Dialogue about Death lead by Marcia or Yoga taught in local prisons).

This conception of Yoga On High began with the strength and creativity of three incredible women: Marcia Miller (middle), Martha Marcom (left), and Linda Oshins (right).


The wisdom and lineage that permeated from those walls was beyond majestic; it surely will not fade due to geographic change. Nonetheless, it felt like the end of an era.

I showed up to the studio early to help facilitate the event. The Farewell class was 90 minutes of giggles, tears, and everything in between. Lots of emotions spanned between 130 people!

We ended the event with a Puja, a practice of offering gratitude. We walked from the High street location, carrying Yoga On High icons... chanting the whole way. When we got to the new location, we were greeted by members of the community playing traditional drums. The crowd erupted in dancing outside of the newly renovated Yoga On High (1020 Dennison Ave).


After the event, I went to brunch with my twin sister, and did some wedding planning.

I finished the day teaching a really wonderful Hot Flow class at Yoga On High Grandview. 

SELF-CARE PRACTICES: today's self-care practices were centered around mindful time spent with those that I love. 

  • Connecting with the community during the Farewell Event. This was the most nurturing practice of the day. Being present... taking it all in. 
  • Quality time with my twin sister. Enjoying an absolutely delicious brunch whilst wedding planning. 
  • 20 oz of Coconut Water to support hydration throughout the day
  • Evening Turmeric Latte - click here for my recipe
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