Skin Salv-ation: All-in-One Skin Salve Recipe

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The skin is our largest organ, further absorbing over 70% of what you put on it...           

RULE OF THUMB: if it is not safe to eat, do not apply to your skin!

A Salve is a used as a carrier for medicinal herbs to absorb into the skin, aiding towards a specific action (i.e. reduce redness, acne, infection, aging, etc). 

Choosing the Base of your Salve:

Beeswax has never failed me. Although a bit more expensive, beeswax is a powerful medium and hardens just right. Additionally, beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. 

On its own, beeswax is not a moisturizer. Next step, choose a moisturizing medium! 

Olive Oil: when steeping herbs to extract their medicinal properties, olive oil is a great choice. Many over-the-counter moisturizers clog pores and exacerbate current skin conditions; however, olive oil has cleansing properties and absorbs fully to prevent further irritation. Additionally, olive oil is complete with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene.


JoJoba Oil: If you have particularly sensitive skin, this is the oil for you. Jojoba has a very similar chemistry to chemical make-up of our skin. 

STEP 1: Gather Materials


  • Dried herbs/powder

  • Olive Oil

  • Pint Mason Jars

  • Crockpot

  • Mini jars / receptacles to hold your salve (I like to use 4oz mason jars)

STEP 2: Infuse Herbs

  1. 2 cups of dried herbs or 1/4 cup of powder : 2 cups of olive oil

  2. Fill crockpot halfway

  3. Seal mason jars + place in crockpot on low

  4. Let simmer for 12-16 hours with lid (you may need to add more water)

STEP 3: Strain herbs

PRO TIP:  I have found my saving grace for straining herbs. Although, cheesecloths get the job done, they can be a colossal pain. I have jus recently explored using a Pour Over Stainless Steel Dripper and it worked like MAGIC. You can buy them for ~$12 on Amazon!

During the process of straining, I also use a pestle to compound the herbs and get as much oil out from the concoction as possible.

STEP 3: Making the salve

Now we have our oil concoction and it is time to create a salve-like consistency with beeswax.

  1. Add your oils to a stainless steel pan, turn burner on LOW

  2. For every 1 cup oil, add 1/3 cup of beeswax

  3. Shave the wax down or buy beeswax pastilles for convenience

  4. Once you have a homogenous mixture with all components melted, your salve is complete!


STEP 4: Adding essential oils

Pour your hot salve into your receptacles!


PRO TIP: place in an area with even air flow and temperature to prevent cracking.

Once your salve begins to cool and harder around the edges, add your essential oils. You want to wait until your salve cools or else the volatile compounds of  your essential oil will evaporate and your salve will not retain any scent.

Wait for your salve to cool fully (~60 min) before putting on the lid!


  • 2 cups of dried Gotu Cola

  • 2 Cups dried Calendula

  • 1/3 cup Neem Powder

  • 6 cups olive oil

Why this recipe?

CALENDULA: in Germany, calendula is prescribed for burns, skin infections, and abrasions. Calendula is high in flavonoids (plant-based antioxidants). Flavonoids protect cells from damaged by free radicals (harmful molecules found in: fried foods, smoke, alcohol, pesticides, pollution, etc). Calendula helps to fight inflammation, viruses, and bacteria.

  • anti-inflammatory

  • anti-viral

  • antibacterial

NEEM: most notably used to remedy acne, dispel skin infection and for anti-agin. According to a 2009 study published in “Toxicology and Industrial Health,” beta-carotene guards the skin against oxidative stress and ultraviolet radiation, helping reduce the signs of skin aging.

  • anti-fungal

  • anti-inflammatory

  • anti-aging

  • anti-viral through enhancement of antioxidants

  • anti-baceterial

  • modulation of genetic expression

GOTU KOLA: used most often to support anti-aging and ridding the body of cellulite.

  • diuretic: increases blood flow to specific areas, reducing inflammation

  • Skin tonic

  • Alterative (blood cleansing)

  • Skin rejuvenate


THE BEST PART: Neem is an astringent herb; therefore, when you apply this salve to your skin, it does not leave behind a greasy / oily residue, like a LOT of moisturizers!

Use daily for best results!


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, or visit my consultation pages for one-on-one consultation packages.

*This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before administering use, especially if pregnant, nursing, on medication. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not to be used for diagnoses, treatment, or prevention of disease. 



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