“the science of life”

Ayurveda is a 5,000 yr old ancient and holistic medicine used to approach disease from the bottom-up. This natural medicine modality elevates health and wellness through the stabilization of the bodies eleven systems. Rather than aiding from the outside-in or top-down, Ayurveda peels away the layers to discover the true stressor, and further works to relieve it through diet, lifestyle, herbs, holistic therapies, and much more.



vata • pitta • kapha

Think of the Doshas like children, and/or pets. All three are present and require attention at all times. Naturally, emanating distinct personalities with differing needs. We are made up of three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. One dosha is likely to be your primary, while another your secondary, and finally, the third your tertiary. Ayurveda balances the physiological and emotional landscape of the body through the alleviation of doshic disturbances. When the doshas are out of balance, you will likely experience disturbance through digestion, elimination, appetite, sleep, and emotional health. When the doshas are in balance, you are moving towards an elevated quality of health and wellness.



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  • Daily Sweating & Detoxification (supporting elimination channels)

  • Sleep Health

  • Sexual Health

  • Mental & Emotional Resilience

  • Sustained Immunity Support

  • Creating Rituals for Emotional & Physical Health

  • Creating Space To Cultivate ‘Your’ Life

  • Dosha Specific Diet & Spicing per Doshic needs

  • Seasonal Food Considerations & Food Combining Considerations

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines (water intake, time of day, circadian eating, fasting principles, etc).

  • Food Quality & Sourcing

  • Vitamin, Mineral, & Supplement Intake

  • Nutrition Specificities per Dosha and physiology