You are how you digest.

      Aren't we sick and tired, of being sick and tired?

Ayurveda and Yoga train you to identify imbalances and address them specific to:

  1. Unique nature of your constitution (genetics and physiology)

  2. Nature of the disease,

  3. Nature of the remedy (herbal, sensory, + lifestyle therapies).

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Digestion Strong when Traveling


When traveling, I am a ‘go-with-the-flow’ gal. Back when I was vegetarian and vegan (for many years), eating while traveling gave me a lot of anxiety.

These days, I am more concerned with my digestive integrity rather than obsessing over what I eat. In Ayurveda, most of the time we are talking about ways to increase your digestive integrity (Agni). Therefore, it technically shouldn’t matter if you occasionally eat undesired foods because your digestion is strong enough to process the materials!

That being said, it wasn’t until I started m Ayurvedic education that I learned very simple tips and tricks to keep in my back pocket to ensure digestive vitality at all times.



If lemons are not available, just warm water will suffice. Even before you have had a sip of your morning coffee… drink (at the very least) 8oz of warm water in the morning. Drinking water is essential for numerous bodily processes, therefore starting your day off with consuming water can only contribute to your daily hydration.

Refer to my article 7 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water for more information.


Now, most of you probably don’t travel with a complete spice rack… and that is totally okay. Lucky for us, pepper is available in pretty much every household and restaurant on the planet.  

Pepper, it will do WONDERS for your digestion.

Eating something with a lot of sodium? Saucy? Cheesy? Add a healthy dose of pepper to give your digestion the boost it needs to get the job done.



When traveling, even on a beach vacation - get those 10,000 steps per day. Especially, if you are feeling sluggish or your digestion is lagging. Our cellular metabolism requires movement and exercise in order to function optimally. Just 20 minutes per day of elevated heart rate activity (preferably sweat-inducing) is all you need to keep your cellular integrity invigorated. 


Spicy foods are a common tip encourage in Ayurveda to kick-start digestive Agni. Additionally, reducing your intake of heavy dairy products and high sodium foods will also benefit you when traveling.

When traveling, Vata is inherently disturbed. Essentially, we have an excess of dryness in our cellular tissue. Therefore, the more we invite warm, dense, well-spiced, and oiled food... the happier we will be. 

**if dealing with high pitta, you will want to avoid this tip. High pitta is often experienced through strong hyperacidity and excess heat in the body.



When traveling, one thing I don’t spare is my oil. I always bring a small bottle of sesame oil with me, especially when air traveling.

On the plane, I (without fail) feel myself drying from the outside in. I apply oil to the inside of my nose, legs, arms, and face when on the airplane to prevent the dreadful feeling of dryness.

I continue to oil throughout my travels, in the morning & evenings.



When traveling, our elimination is what is often first comprised. This is a natural effect of traveling. Eliminating our bowels is one of our most primal and vulnerable activities. Therefore, we usually can only do so when we feel comfortable.

All of the above will aid in proper elimination! It is definitely something to keep in mind when traveling as a metric for digestive health. If you notice you haven't eliminated in a day, or more... that is a strong indicator that you need to 'up the ante' on the above tips!

That's all I got folks. I promise these small tips & tricks will go a long long way!

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