Understanding Your Ayurvedic Constitution


In Ayurveda, we refer to your Constitution as 'Prakrti'.  Essentially, this is your unique genealogical make-up - a combination of hereditary and environmental factors that carry deeply seeded patterns into your systemic functioning, behavioral tenancies, and emotional patterns. 

Our constitution, in part, derives from the carefully selected genes passed down to us from the egg and sperm that created us. The rest is a delicate mix of environment and lifestyle.

We are a delicate and unique combination of the three dosas:       

Vata, Pitta + Kapha.


Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water) + Kapha (earth + water).

Refer to post on Balancing Vata, Pitta + Kapha for more details.

Your primary doṣa (Prakrti) can be identified through a history of long-term tendencies.

Example: “For as long as I can remember, I ‘ve had a history of rashes, flushed cheeks, and a quick temper.” This would indicate Pitta in your Prakriti (constitution). 


PRO TIP #1 : you are not [solely] one dosa. You're a mixture of ALL three. You have a primary, secondary and tertiary dosa

This can be identified through a health-history intake done at home or with practitioner.

People often state, "I am totally Vata through-and-through". Just to be clear, this individual may have a Vata dominance in their Constitution (Prakrti), but we are [indeed] a delicate balance of ALL three dosa's.


PRO TIP #2: Your Constitution is "the hand you were dealt", so to speak.

This cannot be changed or altered. These are dialed into your person through genetic selection and environmental exposure whilst in-utero and during early stages of life.

Your current state (Vikrti) are the ailments you are presently experiencing.


"This past year, I have been struggling with weight gain." This is your temporary state (Vikrti), something you are experiencing temporarily.


"I have always struggled with putting on weight; I have been quite thin for as long as I can remember." This, right here, is your genealogical make-up.  This is your constitution (Prakrti) 

Vikrti = Present ailments or symptoms

Prakrti = 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga

You can take this Banyan Botanicals lil’ self quiz for an idea of where your doshic percentages lie.

For a detailed Constitutional analysis refer to an Ayurvedic health Practitioner


Marina Zahran