Top 9 Foods + Supplements To Combat Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune skin disease affecting over 7.5 million Americans.  It occurs with the onset of rapid cellular regeneration, causing cell build-up, raised skin, and inflammation. Psoriasis is the result of a “paranoid” immune system – bursting T cells into the bloodstream to fight unnecessary battles (suspected antigens / threats).

You may ask... why does the body detect non-harmful materials as harmful?

Well, this stems from a condition called Leaky Gut (intestinal permeability). A phenomenon that has explained why and how the body identifies non-harmful proteins as harmful antigens. Your intestines are made up of smooth muscle; like any muscle, tonification is required to keep that muscle tight + strong.

Now, over time, it is possible to damage your intestinal tissue (i.e. inflammation, poor diet, etc). This muscle begins to slacken as the fibers lose tension. You begin to have these gaps +  spaces where proteins can slip out from your intestine prior to proper digestion and sneak into your bloodstream before they should be introduced into circulation.

Why is this an issue?

Food allergens are (almost always) caused by proteins, such as milk, eggs, peanut, tree nuts, soy, gluten, fish, etc.

When these proteins slip through your intestinal tissue and enter your bloodstream, they’ve missed a crucial step…

They have missed the 'digestive' phrase; therefore, these proteins have not been processed into their most simplified/basic constituents and are now flowing through your bloodstream. Although not actually dangerous, your body does not recognize these proteins, for they have slithered away from the digestive process too soon.


What happens next...

Your immune system stimulates the production of T Cells to ‘take down’ these harmful ‘antigens’.

Essentially, your body is attacking itself.

No bueno.

Causes of Psoriasis:

  • Incompatible diet

  • Intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut)

  • Elevated T Cell count

  • Difficulty digesting protein

  • Stress

  • Hereditary influence

  • Liver stress

  • Vitamin D deficiency



1. Probiotic Foods

Probiotics are great for restoring your microbiome to its most efficient and plentiful environment. Try to introduce these substances into your diet (1 cup per day):

  • Kefir

  • Sauerkraut

  • Kimchi

  • Kombucha

2. Antioxidants

The introduction of antioxidants will help your longevity of health and wellness; most notably, through protection of free radicals (harmful molecules that disturb immunity and increase the risk of disease)

  1. Dark Chocolate (1-2oz daily)

  2. Elderberries: (2 tbsp) I find it easiest to take in syrup form and put in my smoothies or tea.

  3. Pecans (handful)

  4. Blueberries (1/3 cup daily)

  5. Spinach (handful)

  6. Strawberries (1/2 cup)

  7. Avocado (1/4 avocado)

PUT THESE IN A SMOOTHIE. Keep the non-perishable ingredients next to your blender to remind you to make this drink. Make this smoothie as often as you can. Use Coconut Water or Aloe Vera as your liquid (keep reading for why..!)

3. Zinc

Zinc will support the acute suffering of psoriasis. Zinc is effective in reducing joint swelling and supporting overall skin health.

  • Chickpeas: (1 cup = 31% DV)

  • Pumpkin seeds (1 cup per day = 44% of DV)

  • Chicken (100g = 7% DV)

  • Kefir or Yogurt (~1 cup = 10% DV)

DV = daily value

4. Fish Oil (wild caught fish + omega-3 fatty acids)

Vitamin D is clinically supported to support psoriasis. 

  • Switch up the game – substitute your meat protein with fish!

  • 5 oz 2x/week is a good place to start

5. Aloe Vera + Coconut Water

These naturally cooling beverages help with the inherent inflammation that couples all autoimmune diseases.

  • Aloe and Coconut water both contain electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. This is a great addition to your daily routine to keep you hydrated and support the gut.

  • Refer to the antioxidant smoothie blend recipe above for a guide on how to incorporate these beverages into your life!

  • Drink 1x/day. See if you can get Coconut Water in bulk (Costco has GREAT prices).



If you know managing specific nutrient counts in your diet is just not your strong suit, no worries – add a supplement.

It is important to remember that these are supplements, not substitutes…

Do your best with your diet, and take these additional vitamins and minerals to support your healing process.

1.  Fish Oil (1,000 – 2,000g daily)

  • Aids in protein digestion


2. Vitamin d3 (5,000 IUs daily)


3. Milk Thistle (250mg 3x/daily)

  • In the herbal world, Milk Thistle is renown for liver detoxification. Considering we are dealing with a skin condition – the liver is inherently involved (I am planning to write a post on the specifics regarding the Liver - Skin connection).

4. Probiotics (50 billion units daily)

  • Improves digestion, restores the health of microbiome, and aids in the restoration of leaky gut


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, or visit my consultation pages for one-on-one consultation packages.

*This information is for educational purposes only. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before administering use, especially if pregnant, nursing, on medication. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not to be used for diagnoses, treatment, or prevention of disease.  

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