“the science of life”

Ayurveda has been practiced globally for thousands of years, with great success. Through the use of therapeutic formulations and a Person-Centered Medicine (PCM), Ayurveda has leveraged its strength through the importance of daily lifestyle consideration, pro-active health maintenance vs reactive health management, and mindfulness based living.

The bridge between scientific evaluation and Ayurvedic Medicine is well en route, further supporting the powerful effects of this holistic modality. Ayurveda considers three components with each and every program plan:

  • the unique constitution (geneological make-up) of the individual

  • the unique nature of the ailment

  • the unique nature of the program (remedy/approach)


the body is not rudimentary

My basis for Ayurveda Program development is founded and cultivated through science. I certainly appreciate certain aspects of ‘woo woo’ in traditional medicine; however, I work with a lot of individuals who experience significant health stressors and are looking for relief… fast. Therefore, I go with what I feel will be most efficient. Luckily, many of these ancient practices such as Abhyanga (oiling the skin), drinking lemon later, and herbal integration have incredible research content to elevate exposure and increase validity.



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